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The first book in the international bestselling Smart Home Automation Essential Guides series is now free for a limited time! In this book, you’ll learn to: install a smart absence alarm, install a night detection system, understand smart smoke detectors, understand how to protect your homes from floods and leaks and install a network camera and more….

Did You Know That Smart Homes Can Reduce Hassle? – [Video]

Photo Credit Hey everyone; welcome to Part 2 in our series of ‘Did u Know that Smart Homes Can…… posts. In this weeks post I am going introduce you to how a Smart House systems can help cut back on the hassles of leaving your house in the mornings – especially when rushing to drop […]

Did You Know That Smart Homes Can Help You Leave The Bedroom? – [Video]

Photo Credit Hey everyone; welcome to Part 1 in our series of ‘Did u Know that Smart Homes Can…’ posts. In this weeks post I am going introduce you to how a Smart House systems can help you leave the bedroom.

Homesmart July News Roundup

Do you want to keep up with the latest news in the smarthouse and home tech industries? Our monthly newsletter keeps you up to date with the latest happenings in regards to smart houses.

Smart House Alarm – Modes Of Operation

  This is the final installment of my smart home alarm systems mini-series. In Part 1, I covered the differences between wired and wireless smart home systems. In Part 2, I discussed the various types of sensors used by smart home alarm systems. In Part 3, I described some key features and functionalities of smart […]

5 Key Smart House Alarm Features That Protect Your Home

  Photo Credit In my previous post I covered the different types of sensors used by smart alarm systems. In Part 3 below, I briefly outline 5 notable features and functionalities of next generation wireless smart home alarm systems.

Different Types Of Sensors Used By A Smart House Wireless Security System

Photo Credit In part I about smart house alarm systems we talked about home security installation planning and discussed your options in terms of wired versus wireless smarthouse alarm systems.

Protect Your Home With A Smart house Intruder Alarm

Photo Credit In my mind at least! protection from bad people aka thieves is one the most important components of a smarthouse automation system. With smart house alarm functionality, a criminal is less likely to break into your home and steal your prized possessions.

Using A Smart House Alarm To Enhance Your Family Security Levels

Photo Credit Did you know that that recent data shows that a robbery takes place every 15 seconds in the USA? Ensuring that your home is safe, especially when crime rates are rising during these recessionary times is extremely important to most of us. The repercussions of a break-in can be enormous.

Orb Audio Review – Building The O’driscolls ‘Pop-Up’ Family Home Cinema

Photo Credit Have you ever considered setting up an area in your home as a ‘Cinema’? Notice, I specifically avoided the word ‘dedicated’! That omission is important because very few of us can afford to have a full room assigned to watching movies.

[Infographic]: The Smart Home Automation 2.0 Ecosystem

Hey, and how’s it going? In this week’s post, I decided to spice things up a little with a ‘fancy looking’ infographic on the emerging Smart Home 2.0 industry sector.