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Gerard’s Thoughts on Home Automation Courses

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The smart home market has exploded in the past year – Did you know that more than 1.5 million smart home automation systems were installed in the U.S. last year!

That figure is expected to grow to 8 million annual installs in 2017.


We’re on the cusp of home automation becoming really popular.

Nearly everything in people’s houses can be connected nowadays – garage doors, kitchen appliances, lights, thermostats, door locks, sprinkler system, shades, and more.

Home automation is no longer a novelty, as consumers are quick to embrace smart technology in the home.


Here are the top 5 reasons why Smart Homes are gaining in popularity.

  1. Revival of construction activities,
  2. Need to curb household energy bills
  3. Growing consumer preference for safety and security
  4. Awareness growing amongst general public
  5. Huge brands coming on board – Google, Apple, Microsoft, Staples, Lowes Target, Best Buy, AT&T and GE for instance.


Your clients want smart homes, there’s never been a better time to learn how to provide smart home install services.

Use Home Automation Courses as a tool to prepare your business.

Tools such as the ‘Make a Living as a Smart Home Installer’ is a great way to help

This smart home automation course itself provides the skills you need to start installing various types of connected devices.

It walks you through the entire process of starting your smart install business to establishing your brand to marketing and launching and consists of the following:

  • 30+ Smart Home Technical HD Videos.
  • 12 Business Video Lessons on How to Start a Smart Home Install Business.
  • Expert Interviews.
  • A 40 page Smart Home Install Workbook.
  • Audio Version of Technical and Business Master Classes
  • In-Person Coaching and Q & A Calls with Gerard!

Gerard is constantly adding new material to the course and has become the de-facto course for next generation smart home installers.

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