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New Online Smart Home Automation Training School Launched

Smart Home Automation Training School

For the majority of people the notion of ‘smartifying’ their homes is a bewildering, confusing and expensive process.

There quiet clearly exists a need amongst the general public for greater levels of education to realize the benefits of smart homes, namely improved security, safety & enjoyment levels.

Not only are the general public in disarray; many of the professionals tasked with installing these products are often lacking the necessary core technical and indeed business expertise to install smart home solutions that actually work.

In an effort to address these educational shortfalls, HomeMentors has recently launched the Smart Home Automation Training School. The educational courses included in the school are aimed at helping three main groups:

1. The General Public

One of the most critical things we’re finding at this point is consumer education.

Home Automation For Beginners: Create Your Own Smart Home and How To Build A Smart Home Automation System Using Nest are courses on how to build a smart home from scratch.

2. Professionals entering the smart home automation space

For electricians, alarm installers and indeed IT companies interested in making money by providing retrofit home automation and multi-room music systems to their clients, Gerard has created the Make A Living as A Smart Home Automation & IOT Installer course.

Aging adults living alone who have a preference to live independently at home

In an effort to help this demographic, HomeMentors will release a course (Smart Homes for Aging Adults) that explains 10 smart home automation solutions and services later in 2016. Click Here to Register Your Interest.

The courses on offer at the school will grow in line with the impact smart homes will have on the general population over the next decade.

Thinking about diving into a Smart Home, then check out the Smart Home Automation Training School and start educating yourself prior to buying any devices.

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  1. Reginald Leak

    Hello inwas interesed in the automation business but no experience looking to change careers. Is this program or training for professionals or no experience thanks

    1. Hi Reginald, The program is a result of many years in the smart home automation business and takes you through the various technologies and business processes you will need to master before entering into the smart home industry. Hope this helps, Gerard

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