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The first book in the international bestselling Smart Home Automation Essential Guides series is now free for a limited time! In this book, you’ll learn to: install a smart absence alarm, install a night detection system, understand smart smoke detectors, understand how to protect your homes from floods and leaks and install a network camera and more….

5 Tips To Add Outdoor Music Entertainment in Futuristic Homes

Photo Credit: Azchael Are you one of those people that believe in futuristic homes that playing music in your back garden is a dark and mysterious art? And it can be! but the truth is, anyone (and I mean anyone) can setup outdoor speakers and indeed a waterproof TV in their back garden.

Ebook Reveals The Steps Required To Control Your Smart Home With A Smartphone Or Tablet Device

Do you want to learn in 6 easy steps how to control your Home Lighting, Thermostats, IP Cameras, Music and Security Alarm systems on your Smartphone or Tablet device, but don’t know where to start?

Did You Ever Come Across This Wireless HDMI Stuff?

I didn’t until recently to be honest; I did research Wireless HDMI products a couple of years back from a company called IO Gear and a commercial relationship never materialized.

Home Automation And The O’Driscolls Christmas Tree

Photo Credit Hmmm… so what’s Smart Home Automation got to do with a Christmas Tree? We are big fans of natural Christmas trees; in other words none of those Plastic branches in our house…. Anyway, ended up buying this humongeous tree this year for €70 from one of these guys on the side of the […]

Smart Homes & Rental Properties

Photo Credit Do you want to use your smart phone or tablet to remotely manage a second rental property? In this post I explore aspects of Smart home Automation that will help you make a life a little easier when it comes to managing a second or even a third property!

10 Steps – How To Build An iphone, Android Or Ipad Smart Home Automation System?

Are you Interested in controlling your home on your Smartphone, iPad, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire over the Internet, but don’t know where to start? I was three years ago but not anymore! After years of research and some hard work :

Why Our Neighbours Are Not Using Home Automation?

Although the concept and vision for Smart Automated Homes has been with us for God knows how long; it has never gained any traction amongst the general population. Despite the fact that you can pick up light switches, door locks and thermostats for less than €100, so why have my neighbours not taken time out […]

5 Things You Must Know About Apple’s Airplay

For the past few months I have been ‘sussing’ Apple’s new Smart Home Automation feature – AirPlay technology. It’s a game changer folks and here is a short overview of what I am after learning recently about the technology:

Gerard’s Rant On The Benefits Of Smart Home Automation Systems

Do you ever get the ‘eyes glazed over, get me out of here’ look when explaining to friends and relatives why they should at least examine the possibility of adding smarthome automation capabilities to their phones?

4.5 Common Myths That Keep People Away From Installing A Home Automation System

Photo Credit Have you heard some of the myths and misinformation being spread about home automation in 2012? This blog posts takes a look at the top ‘4.5’ myths that are doing the rounds in 2012.