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The first book in the international bestselling Smart Home Automation Essential Guides series is now free for a limited time! In this book, you’ll learn to: install a smart absence alarm, install a night detection system, understand smart smoke detectors, understand how to protect your homes from floods and leaks and install a network camera and more….

Working on Definitive Guide to Apple’s HomeKit Smart Home Automation System

Discover How to Build Your Own Smart Home Using Apple’s New HomeKit System

Did you know that Apple are launching an initiative to bring Smart Home Automation to nearly a billion mobile devices? Well they are and it’s called HomeKit. The main purpose of HomeKit is to simplify the management and control of a home that has various smart devices installed from multiple vendors. So in addition to […]

Gerard’s Upcoming Book – Nest Smart Home Automation System Handbook

Nest Smart Home Automation System Handbook

So for those of us in the smart home, home automation, digital home space for close on a couple of decades, Google is considered to be a new comer to the market. And I think the company is genuinely interested in this space and is backing their headlines with some serious cash. As most of […]

Smart Home Technology for Seniors: 13 Different Systems

Smart Home Independent Living Technologies

Did you know that you can use to use smart home technology to improve the quality of your life at home as you get older! Life gets more and more challenging as we get older. Here are 13 specific ideas as to how you might go about using next generation Independent Living (IL 2.0) smart […]

8 Step Guide on How to Start Your Smart Home Installation Business

8 Step guide smart home install business

Are you experiencing increased competition in recent times and subsequently lower margins from your electrical and alarm install business? If so, how about checking out the bubbling smart home, expected to reach $35.5 billion by 2020! There are various claims of easy-installations in the growing smart home market, the reality is many consumers will want […]

Smart Locks: Your Essential Guide

Smart Lock Install Training

It’s dark, you’re hungry, and you finally grab the right key, but now you can’t locate the keyhole. A bit fustrating…! Enter the smart lock an up and coming category of smart home devices that instantly recognizes homeeowners as they approach, turning on the entry light above the front door, opening the door with a […]

10 Things You Need to Know About Smart Light Bulbs

10 Things You Need to Know About Smart Light Bulbs

Installing smart wall switches and wall dimmers throughout a house can on occasions be costly and tedious because if often needs to be done by a qualified electrician. If that’s a consideration, then you may want to look into using Smart Light Bulbs to ‘smartify’ your in-home lights. Here are Gerard’s top ten things you […]

Gerard’s Thoughts on Home Automation Courses

Home Automation Courses Blog Article

The smart home market has exploded in the past year – Did you know that more than 1.5 million smart home automation systems were installed in the U.S. last year! SMART HOMES ARE GONE MAINSTREAM! We’re on the cusp of home automation becoming really popular. Nearly everything in people’s houses can be connected nowadays – […]

7 Things You Need to Know About a Next Generation Smart Home Hub

Smart Home Automation Hub Features

Since there are more than a half dozen communication technologies for smart devices in existence today, a number of entrepreneurs have decided to build home automation controllers called smart home hubs. Here are some key characteristics of a smart home hub: SMART HUBS DEFINED A smart home hub is best defined as an electronic bridge […]

Gerard’s Thoughts on Smart Home Developments at CES 2015

So; the Smart Home played centre stage at this years glitzy CES 2015! Well did it? Not so sure; here are brief thoughts on the various announcements… BELKIN WEMO – OPTIMISTIC Really like this one; Belkin the company that own WeMo have been doing some good stuff over the past two to three years.. and […]

Behind The Scenes of Nest Protect Installation at The O’Driscolls Smart House

Nest Protect Installation at O'Driscolls

In this follow up article to my recent post all about installing the NEST smart thermostat. I want to provide you with some details on the ‘ins and out’s’ of getting a smart smoke and CO detector up and running… SO WHAT ARE SMART SMOKE DETECTORS? Did you know that nearly a billion smoke and […]